9 Frame Analysis | “Square One” Film Opening

9 Frames

I decided to do a 9-frame analysis on my own film opening from the AS coursework, to help prepare for Section A, Part B of the A2 exam.

Frame 1:

The character turns off his alarm clock at 6 AM sharp, showing that he has a strict schedule.

Frame 2:

He makes his bed, meaning he is very disciplined and perhaps a perfectionist.

Frame 3:

As he is coming out of the bathroom, he walks past a cork board that has a missing person poster on it. The connotation is that he cannot let go of his wife’s disappearance, thus collecting the poster, newspaper cut-outs and receipts and keeping them in plain sight.

Frame 4:

This frame shows his undeniable discipline, as he buttons his shirt all the way up, while making eye contact with himself in the mirror. He doesn’t even need to look at the buttons, he just gets them right.

Frame 5:

Another shot of the clock, symbolizing (once again) his very strict schedule. In only 13 minutes, he woke up, made the bed, took a shower and got dressed. He is now heading for the kitchen.

Frame 6:

The character is eating breakfast alone, conveying his overwhelming solitude. His position, sitting with his back straight, shows yet again his discipline and perhaps OCD-like behaviour.

Frame 7:

Here he is spreading butter on a piece of toast. This is his everyday breakfast, the routine he can’t break away from.

Frame 8:

He washes the dishes right after finishing breakfast. There is a photo of him and his wife to the left of the frame and there are no other dishes on the dryer. His discipline is yet again showcased.

Frame 9:

The bartender pours his drink just as he walks into the bar, meaning he is a regular and doesn’t even need to order anymore. This is another (quite obvious) hint at his routine and compulsive behaviour.