Band Websites

One of the minor tasks of the Music Promotion Package is designing a website for a band, to complement the release of the album promoted through the music video. I wanted to analyse the website of the band I chose, Robin and the Backstabbers, but they no longer use a website. They now do all of their promotion on their Facebook page.

A couple of years ago, they had their own website with their music videos, concert dates and more information, but that is no longer up. Instead, they used a new website for the release of their latest album. The website is, as the album title is Arhanghel’sk. The band used to post updates from rehearsals, new singles as they became available and information about the album’s online release on Deezer, Spotify, iTunes and Apple Music. However, the website is no longer in use and all content has been taken down.

For this reason, I decided to analyse the website of a newly-formed alternative band from the UK, Nothing But Thieves. Their website, found at, is a great looking, responsive single page. The first few sections link to each of the band’s singles (links iTunes, video, and Spotify), followed by a list of future gigs. At the bottom of the page there are links to all their social networks and to their merchandise store. In addition, when you access the website, a song starts playing; you can pause it clicking on a button, or you can select a different song from what looks like a “tag cloud” of songs – four song titles floating at the top of the page.

My only complaint about Nothing But Thieves’ website would be the absence of a “Bio” or “About” section, especially since the band and its members are new and not well-known. Other than that, it is a great example of what a band website should look like. I will most likely base my website on a similar template.