Minor Task | Band website

After finishing up the major task and the digipak, I turned my attention to the band website which I had to create. I chose to use the Weebly platform for this, as the easy drag-and-drop controls helped a lot. I made quite a standard band website for Robin and the Backstabbers, with short member biographies, a page showcasing the band’s discography, a page with future gigs and one with some photos from past concerts. The home page showcases my music video.

See the website here.

Digipak |Cover Art

The front cover of the digipak hints at the music video, as I used a photo of the girl in the video. I also used the band’s official logo, received from a band member after asking for permission. The back cover showcases the same photo, but with the girl cut out. The three tracks are listed, with Regizor being printed in a smaller font right below Scafandru because it is a prolonged ending of the first song. This was inspired by Radiohead’s OK Computer cover, where Fitter, Happier is typed in a smaller font after Karma Police, as it is considered to be a bridge song. On the back I also added a barcode and the logo of the band’s independent record label, as well as copyright information copied from the full album.

The inside of the digipak features yet another photo relating to the music video, this time an actual freeze frame from the video. The circular shape of the tunnel suits the placement of the CD. On the left side, there is a poem by Romanian interwar poet George Bacovia, a huge inspiration for the band’s lyrics. In fact, the first two verses are part of the lyrics of Cosmonaut, the third song on this EP. I felt like including the whole poem: apart from showcasing some of the lyrics found on the EP, it also gives some context to the band’s influences.

I created the digipak in Adobe Illustrator, with the translucent cut-out on the back cover being made in Photoshop.


Cover art

‘Scafandru, Regizor, Cosmonaut’ EP

For the first minor task – the digipak – I chose to create a fictional EP containing the first three songs on Robin and the Backstabbers’ latest album (Arhanghel’sk, 2015). The titles of the three songs – Scafandru (Diver), Regizor (Director) and Cosmonaut (Astronaut) – refer to three characters that keep appearing throughout the album. For example, the music video for Minciună mai mare nu am (another song on Arhanghel’sk) shows a diver walking around Bucharest. The final song on the EP I created, Cosmonaut, mentions all three characters in its chorus (“Atâtea promisiuni de ținut / Scafandru, regizor sau cosmonaut” | “So many promises to keep / Diver, director, or astronaut”). In fact, before the album was released and the song was still in its early stages, Cosmonaut was called Scafandru, Regizor, Cosmonaut, which is now the name of my EP.

While Cosmonaut ties everything together by mentioning all three characters, Regizor is sort of a bridge, a continuation of Scafandru, maintaining the same beat and having a very smooth transition from the first song.

Therefore, I feel that these three songs fit together very well and releasing them as an EP alongside a music video for the first song makes total sense – it is a shorter narrative that gives listeners a good taste of the entire album. Even if it would be released a year or two after the album came out, it would seem quite fresh and wouldn’t feel out of place since it is a solid standalone release.

‘Scafandru’ Music Video | Final Cut

The music video is done! I managed to do all the editing in 5 days, including color correction, stabilization and syncing the video with the beat. I am very happy with how it turned out, and the help of my friends was invaluable. Our art director, Adria Berari, helped a lot on set, from giving pointers and directions to the actors, to doing our main actress’s make up, from arranging props on set to motivating me when I ran out of ideas for the chorus. Her and both our actors, Ruxi Filip and Marc Kovács, are classmates of mine; and in spite of having no professional acting background, Ruxi almost directed herself on set. She understood the story and the mood I wanted to create perfectly and played her part incredibly well.

I had to upload the video to Vimeo because of copyright issues on YouTube, but I have talked to the band and they were happy that I was making a video for their song. Finally, you can watch the video below:


Editing progress

April 9th was our first day of shooting – we got all the shots we needed, except for the first 1’30” of the music video. That night, I put all of it together and worked on it until yesterday, April 11th, when we shot the remaining scenes. Now that I have all the footage, I put it together, synced it with the song and am currently working on color correction.Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 14.12.12