Digipak |Cover Art

The front cover of the digipak hints at the music video, as I used a photo of the girl in the video. I also used the band’s official logo, received from a band member after asking for permission. The back cover showcases the same photo, but with the girl cut out. The three tracks are listed, with Regizor being printed in a smaller font right below Scafandru because it is a prolonged ending of the first song. This was inspired by Radiohead’s OK Computer cover, where Fitter, Happier is typed in a smaller font after Karma Police, as it is considered to be a bridge song. On the back I also added a barcode and the logo of the band’s independent record label, as well as copyright information copied from the full album.

The inside of the digipak features yet another photo relating to the music video, this time an actual freeze frame from the video. The circular shape of the tunnel suits the placement of the CD. On the left side, there is a poem by Romanian interwar poet George Bacovia, a huge inspiration for the band’s lyrics. In fact, the first two verses are part of the lyrics of Cosmonaut, the third song on this EP. I felt like including the whole poem: apart from showcasing some of the lyrics found on the EP, it also gives some context to the band’s influences.

I created the digipak in Adobe Illustrator, with the translucent cut-out on the back cover being made in Photoshop.


Cover art