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Love Sick (2006)

In 2006 Libra Film produced the local box-office hit Love Sick, by Tudor Giurgiu, with the support of Romanian Film Center, Hubert Bals Fund, Global Film Initiative and SEE Cinema Network. It premiered at the 2006 Berlin International Film Festival as part of the Teddy Awards. It went on to appear at a number of international film festivals including the Seattle International Film Festival and the London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival. It has been sold worldwide in more than 25 terittories.

Distributor: Transilvania Film


The Notebook (2004)

The film premiered June 25, 2004, in the United States and Canada and grossed $13.5 million in 2,303 theaters its opening weekend, ranking number 4 at the box office. The film grossed a total of $115.6 million worldwide, $81 million in Canada and the United States and $34.6 million in other countries. It is the 14th highest-grossing romantic drama film of all time.

The Notebook was released on DVD on February 8, 2005 and on Blu-ray on January 20, 2009. By February 2010, the film had sold over 11 million copies on DVD.


  • New Line Cinema (2004) (USA) (theatrical) (A Time Warner Company)
  • 01 Distribution (2005) (Italy) (theatrical)
  • Alliance Atlantis Vivafilm (2004) (Canada) (theatrical)
  • Distribution Company (2004) (Argentina) (theatrical)
  • Entertainment Film Distributors (2004) (UK) (theatrical)
  • Fox-Warner (2004) (Switzerland) (theatrical)
  • GAGA (2005) (Japan) (theatrical)
  • Humax Pictures (2005) (Japan) (theatrical)
  • Metropolitan Filmexport (2004) (France) (theatrical)
  • Pioneer Films (2004) (Philippines) (theatrical)
  • RCV Film Distribution (2004) (Belgium) (theatrical)
  • RCV Film Distribution (2004) (Luxembourg) (theatrical)
  • RCV Film Distribution (2004) (Netherlands) (theatrical)
  • Roadshow Films (2004) (Australia) (theatrical)
  • Village Films (2004) (Greece) (theatrical)
  • Warner Bros. (2004) (Germany) (theatrical)
  • Warner Bros. (2004) (Singapore) (theatrical)
  • Alliance Atlantis Home Video (2004) (Canada) (DVD)
  • Argentina Video Home (2005) (Argentina) (VHS)
  • Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) (2007) (USA) (TV) (broadcast premiere)
  • Entertainment in Video (2004) (UK) (DVD)
  • Hollydan Works (2007) (Serbia and Montenegro) (DVD)
  • RCV Home Entertainment (2005) (Netherlands) (DVD) (VHS)
  • RCV Home Entertainment (2008) (Netherlands) (DVD) (limited edition steelbook)
  • RCV Home Entertainment (2009) (Netherlands) (Blu-ray) (DVD)
  • Tien (2007) (Netherlands) (TV)
  • Warner Home Video (2005) (Switzerland) (DVD)
  • Warner Home Video (2005) (Germany) (DVD)
  • Warner Home Video (2009) (Germany) (Blu-ray) (DVD)


Uses and Gratifications:

  • Diversion – escape from everyday problems and routine, getting caught up in the stories portrayed in the two films;
  • Personal relationships – the audience can interact emotionally with the characters of either movie;
  • Personal identity – people can find themselves reflected in the two movies easily;


Creative ways to distribute/market a movie:

  • Social media: hashtags, viral videos/images
  • Crowdfunding: Indiegogo
  • Giveaways of merchandise
  • Setting up a Wikipedia page for the movie
  • Watch on demand on Vimeo

How would I distribute my own film?

  1. Create a website and pages on social networks (Facebook, Twitter etc.)
  2. Sign the film up for local and international festivals
  3. Look for independent cinemas willing to show my film
  4. Build up awareness and excitement for the film by making a few short teasers and marketing them through social networks (paid ads)
  5. Send copies of the movie to newspapers and magazines to get written reviews. Ask independent online reviewers to take a look at my film.
  6. After the film has been shown at a few festivals and in cinemas, I would distribute it through an online pay-per-view service such as the one available on Vimeo.
  7. For more exposure, the movie would be free to watch in some weekends.