‘Scafandru’ Music Video | Final Cut

The music video is done! I managed to do all the editing in 5 days, including color correction, stabilization and syncing the video with the beat. I am very happy with how it turned out, and the help of my friends was invaluable. Our art director, Adria Berari, helped a lot on set, from giving pointers and directions to the actors, to doing our main actress’s make up, from arranging props on set to motivating me when I ran out of ideas for the chorus. Her and both our actors, Ruxi Filip and Marc Kovács, are classmates of mine; and in spite of having no professional acting background, Ruxi almost directed herself on set. She understood the story and the mood I wanted to create perfectly and played her part incredibly well.

I had to upload the video to Vimeo because of copyright issues on YouTube, but I have talked to the band and they were happy that I was making a video for their song. Finally, you can watch the video below: