Music Video Analysis | Jurjak – ‘Șoapte’

Jurjak is by no means an established name in Romanian music. He is an ex-lawyer in his early 30s who has just released his first music video (the first single from his upcoming debut album) last year. Șoapte (‘Whispers’) is a gloomy, yet very catchy song – just listen to the bass line. The music video looks very professional, with great cinematography and beautiful colour grading, which help set the mood.

There is a striking contrast between the sharpness of the image and the vintage look, between the modern city and the old Mercedes the man is driving. The narrative is also quite interesting, with an unexpected twist at the end: the serious-looking middle-aged man drives calmly through the streets of Bucharest, stops to buy flowers, and then drives to a lake where he takes a body out of the trunk. We can only assume that he throws the body in the water, as the video is cut off before we can see him doing it – this might have been a budget constraint.

Overall, the video for Șoapte was a pleasant surprise, in a world of flashy, cheesy, and overly-sexual music videos (society of spectacle), especially coming from a lesser-known artist. It is visually striking, yet nothing is overdone – no special effects, no useless hyperboles. It is a well-rounded, well-made video that complements the song perfectly.