Music Video Analysis | Mere – ‘Niciodată’

Mere is a local band from my hometown, and they have just released their second video for a song called Niciodată (‘Never’). It is an amateur video, but many shots look great aesthetically, mainly due to well-done colour correction and focus pulls. However, some shots were filmed at 50 frames per second, thus losing the desired cinematic look. Also, handheld shots filmed at 50 fps look unpleasant and shaky; even if the DoP wanted to give those shots a handheld look, 24 fps would have been much more appropriate.

The narrative also has some lack of clarity: it begins with a woman undressing in her (?) bedroom, then getting in her car to go meet the band who is playing on a makeshift stage in what looks like a deserted courtyard. Meanwhile, the band members are shown playing their song in an old apartment, then moving to the aforementioned outdoor stage. The song ends when the woman gets to the “concert” (where you can see no one other than the band members), with no explanation of her presence there and without any interaction between her and the band other than someone handing her a bottle of beer. After the music stops, there is a short shot of the woman driving, angrily hitting her car’s dashboard, followed by an unknown man in the passenger’s seat reaching for a button/dial on the dashboard. There is no clear connection between this shot and the rest of the video – the man’s identity remains unknown, and so is the reason for the woman’s anger.

This whole uncertainty and confusion might be intentional, as the main recurring line is “Nothing ever happens” (“Nimic nu se întâmplă niciodată”). It may try to convey that nothing happens when the woman arrives, nothing interesting happens in her bedroom or car. However, this seems too far-fetched – it might just be a narrative with an unclear plot.

Another questionable aspect is the depiction of sexuality in the video – the woman gets undressed for no apparent reason (even in the thumbnail), as this, again, seems to have nothing to do with the narrative.

All in all, the video is not that bad, but it seems to have been made in a rush, without giving enough thought to the narrative and some of the visuals. It tries too hard to make the band look professional, and that’s exactly where it fails, sadly.