Film Opening | Plot

A couple of weeks ago, we wrote the first draft of the plot for our movie. Since the main character has a psychological disorder, we consulted with a psychologist to find out more so that we could create a story that is as realistic as possible. From our audience survey, we learned that people enjoy adaptations of true stories; we couldn’t find a suitable one, so we set out to write a very realistic story ourselves.

The movie is entitled Square One, as it is a story about a man who almost broke from his PTSD-induced obsessive routine, but ends up right where he started after his mentor, his source of motivation suddenly disappears.

Here is the plot, with the opening in bold.

Character (male, late 30s – early 40s) has a very clear routine after his wife disappeared without a trace, leaving behind a note.
Every morning, he has a very strict schedule – he wakes up at 5 AM, always makes the bed, eats the same meal and heads for the same bar down the street.

One day, he meets a man (20-ish) at the bar and sees in him a younger version of himself.
As he spends time with the young man, he subconsciously starts breaking from his routine. A few days later, he leaves a few dirty dishes in the sink. Slowly but surely, he loses all of his habits. After a while, he acknowledges this and does his best to improve himself, to lose his old routine.

Right when he is about to kick all his habits completely, walking to the neighbourhood bar to meet the young man at their usual time, he finds a note. The young man is gone.

The final scene is exactly the same as the opening scene.