Re-evaluated my pick for this year’s coursework

After struggling to come up with a strong story for my short film and only being able to come up with small snippets and motifs that I couldn’t bring together, I decided to switch my focus from the short film package to the music promotion package for my A2 coursework.

Still, here are some of the notes I took for my short film:

  • people in an elevator or another small, confined space
    • inspired by Vice article
    • maybe waiting room instead of elevator?
      • easier to film, more control, the space may have more personality
  • someone in the waiting room makes the main character a proposal
    • inspired by Fargo (TV), Lorne Malvo asking Lester whether to kill Sam Hess
  • people telling life stories, describing simple everyday events
  • reversed Todorov narrative (scenes in reverse chronological order)
    • new equilibrium, disruption and repair, initial equilibrium
    • inspired by Irréversible
  • find dialogue in a book?
  • In retrospect, reading an old text message, she realised something was definitely wrong.
  • opening scene (end of narrative) inspired by this
  • an apparently harmless dialogue leads to the disruption
  • character walks past people doing the same thing over and over again
    • inspired by my family playing bridge at the dining table

I just started doing research for my music video last week, so posts about that will be published soon.