Practising Montage | Short Film

We got an assignment to create a montage using both techniques we learned – continuity montage and Soviet montage. I came up with the script last night and we woke up early today (on a Sunday) to shoot the short film. My classmate, Ana, helped with the camera, as I had the main role. We needed one more helper, so we called a friend and he worked alongside Ana, while also starring in a scene in the film. Ana also did the audio recording, where it was needed. She also appears in a short scene.

We didn’t have a script to follow word-for-word, just a bunch of ideas thrown together at 1 AM the previous night, so we had to find adequate locations for each shot and figure out what angles and shots work best. We used long shots, tracking shots and close-ups to name a few. Nevertheless, the fact that we didn’t have a script written beforehand allowed us to be more creative. The cold rain that fell all day long proved to be a great incentive to get something done quickly and efficiently.

The elements of Soviet montage are the three cutscenes of the park bench scattered throughout the film. These can be seen at first as flashbacks, but then they catch up to the present. The ending is open, so it gives the viewer something to think about, to reflect upon.

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