Robin and the Backstabbers | Introduction

Robin and the Backstabbers is a Romanian band formed in 2010. They have released two studio albums: Stalingrad: Bacovia Overdrive Vol. I (2012) and Arhanghel’sk: Bacovia Overdrive Vol. II (2015). Their songs have hints of grunge, folk, and alternative rock, but they describe their sound as “melodramatic pop“.

They have released 8 music videos so far, most of them directed by the band’s former bass player, Vlad Feneșan. Their videos range in style from DIY, home-made videos such as Minciună mai mare nu am (“I Don’t Have a Bigger Lie”) to highly-produced, 4K resolution videos such as Sat după sat (“Village after Village”); from the highly abstract Soare cu dinți (“Sunshine with Teeth” – a Romanian idiom), to the interpretive narrative that is SPNZRTR (spelled Spânzurători – “Gallows”). This is why making a video for a Robin and the Backstabbers song is a challenge, seeing as they have touched on a plethora of different video genres throughout their career.

I have picked a song for now, but I’ll try to analyse a couple more of their releases in order to find the one that would look best on screen. Until then, this is Natașa (Natasha), a song about love, drugs and suicide taken from their debut album, Stalingrad: