‘Scafandru, Regizor, Cosmonaut’ EP

For the first minor task – the digipak – I chose to create a fictional EP containing the first three songs on Robin and the Backstabbers’ latest album (Arhanghel’sk, 2015). The titles of the three songs – Scafandru (Diver), Regizor (Director) and Cosmonaut (Astronaut) – refer to three characters that keep appearing throughout the album. For example, the music video for Minciună mai mare nu am (another song on Arhanghel’sk) shows a diver walking around Bucharest. The final song on the EP I created, Cosmonaut, mentions all three characters in its chorus (“Atâtea promisiuni de ținut / Scafandru, regizor sau cosmonaut” | “So many promises to keep / Diver, director, or astronaut”). In fact, before the album was released and the song was still in its early stages, Cosmonaut was called Scafandru, Regizor, Cosmonaut, which is now the name of my EP.

While Cosmonaut ties everything together by mentioning all three characters, Regizor is sort of a bridge, a continuation of Scafandru, maintaining the same beat and having a very smooth transition from the first song.

Therefore, I feel that these three songs fit together very well and releasing them as an EP alongside a music video for the first song makes total sense – it is a shorter narrative that gives listeners a good taste of the entire album. Even if it would be released a year or two after the album came out, it would seem quite fresh and wouldn’t feel out of place since it is a solid standalone release.