Semiotics | Movie Posters

  1. Trainspotting (1996 film)

  • Signifier #1: Man with sweat dripping from his face.
    • its connotation: People who do drugs end up looking like this.
  • Signifier #2: The man’s eyes are colored.
    • its connotation: He is still alive, but just barely.






  1. Fight Club (1999 film)

  • Signifier #1: Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) looking straight into the camera, his hand firmly clasping a bar of soap
    • its connotation: confidence, aggression; his hand is almost in a fist, so it is related to fighting
  • Signifier #2: Main character (Edward Norton) making weird face in the background
    • its connotation: he has gone crazy and he is the master-mind of everything (because he is behind the other character)




  1. Shallow Grave (1994 film)

  • Signifier #1: Three people holding each other, laughing and looking down
    • its connotation: they are plotting something and are not entirely sane
  • Signifier #2: Spiral staircase
    • its connotation: life going down the drain
  • Signifier #3: Woman wearing low-cut top
    • its connotation: sexual attractions